About Palawan Tourism Council


Palawan Tourism Council is a private sector mandated by the government and a leading industry responsible for the economic and social impact to tourism industry and its development, employment, community empowerment and Environmental sustainability. Its Constitutes of wide variety sectors connected to tourism providing diverse services, supporting the need and change in the process of Tourism as it goes, resulting for high economic value and benefits, through Partnership and sponsorship.

In line with this we are open for our membership drive this year, having you would be a great help, through your generous contributions. Therefore, we would like to invite you and your establishment association/council to be a member of Palawan Tourism Council, we are happy to have you, looking forward to work with you, we hope to accomplish even more.

Please join our organization today.

If you have any questions about the membership process, please do not hesitate to message, at

0949-886-7346 or [email protected].

Thank you, looking forward to serve you!

Rey Felix Rafols

Rey Felix C. Rafols

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Debbie Q Tan

Debbie Q. Tan

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Michelle Valdez

Michelle Valdez

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Corporate Secretary